Saturday, June 2, 2012

Travel Diary - A Walk in the Rain

Happy Sunday to all my beautiful friends and readers! Its been a while since I have updated this blog due to a memorable vacation and the weird jet lag after. I took a lovely break to South of France, Barcelona and Costa Brava - Spain and I have a lot more than than wardrobe inspiration to  to share with you all. See what I wore to explore old medieval towns, how I layered up to survive unexpected cold wet rain, the food, culture, old world streets and a lot more. Speaking of unexpected weather,our bon voyage started off in Aix-en-Provence on a bit of a cloudy, windy and rainy note. So what do you do when bad weather strikes... well take pictures of course. So soak up some French Joie de Vivre in face of uncooperative weather before you head out to your Sunday Brunches...

Outfit details: Trench - Michael Kors, check out a chic version here and a chic and budget friendly option here Button down - H&M, Dress - Zara, Sandals - J.Crew, Necklace and bracelets J.Crew and H&M

 My hair were getting delightfully FRIZZY in the rain, so here's to making lemonade with the lemons a.k.a humidity and having fun anyway...

The Outfit makers: I love my J.Crew Pave Link Bracelet see here and from the looks of it its a raging favorite with a lot of bloggers

 The rain continued to pour so we headed to Marseille a quick drive away and hoped we could escape some of that persistent drizzle

All towns and cities in South of France have the most charming olive oil and lavender soap shops and so I stopped at one in Marseille to invoke my sense of smell and sight as well... souvenir idea alert!
 While we were lucky to escape the rain, we were not so lucky with the clouds, but the striking beauty of Marseille made it all okay and I couldn't stop clicking away... 

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