Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Welcoming Summer into your home

Good morning and Happy Tuesday everyone!

I am very excited about this post today as with this feature TCC will make its debut in another of my big passions Home Decor and Entertaining. Get ready to see more in this category in the coming weeks. Some may say that this post is coming a bit late, with summer in full swing and us being days away from summer solstice - fair points, the timing for me is apt though as MJ and I have just moved to a new apartment and we are getting the home ready to enjoy summer, create sweet new memories, and to entertain our friends and family, the first of which occasions is coming up this weekend.

So let me share a few ideas to decorate on the cheap and chic, after all a girl shouldn't have to choose between buying the hot new summer ready neon heels and walking in with them into her fabulous summer ready apartment - Clever style is about having it all isn't it?

Here are the five budget savvy commandments to let summer into your house... Cheers!

1) Thou shalt decorate your coffee table with silk peonies or a sea side reminder of your last/next vacation

I couldn't find the perfect peonies and the vintage mint julep cup to arrange them in, in any decor stores I spend my weekends browsing so I scoured amazon.com till I found my perfect match. I used this website to order my merry bunch and the vase.

Alternatively relive your last sea side vacation moments by piling up the washed up corals and shells you collected in glass bowls. The bowls do not even have to match. We picked up these corals from our beach vacation in Abaco Bahamas last Christmas. MJ and I picked these white corals on a walk on the beach close to our vacation rental - Bliss just to see them as I walk by. I alternate the two displays in different rooms.

2. Thou shalt treat yourself to new resortsy dinnerware.

 I forgot the last time I bought new plates, but we couldn't resist this turquoise ikat number at Z Gallerie the other day, we bought a matching set with salad plates, bowls and cups and are thinking of retiring the ye ol' faithful Target plates. I have started to cook more and dress my dinner like an iron chef hopeful just inspired by these plates. Amazing what lovely summery dinnerware can do! At about $10-15 a piece and the whole set for one under $50, its totally worth it, the quality is amazing too so they will last.

3. Thou shalt spruce up your console/coffee/end table with summery  beach bar reminiscent candles

These candles sound and smell like cocktails at a Tiki bar, and feel like a Friday evening (my favorite time of the week)! Plus at only $20 a pop and actually on BOGO several times this summer at Bath and Body works, its a Hawaiian holiday in a wax jar!

4. Though shalt invest in summery bedding that livens up the bedroom

Art needn't no longer be limited to just the walls and DVF linen isn't just limited to Samantha's fancy LA digs in SATC the movie. I got this vibrant DVF duvet set on a Rue La La sample sale for almost half of its original ticket price, then I got the extra pillow covers from e-bay to match the set in a different color way a few months back. You can score lovely designer bedding at sites like Rue la la for a fraction of their original prices. Check the site often and set reminders when you see a sale you want to shop. The pillows on the chair were bought from Ikea 6 years back, I store a lot of cushions and pillow covers and rotate them to keep things fresh. Sounds like a lot of stuff for an SF apartment right? We use space bags to help compress out the pillows, linen and things. The mirrored side tables and lamp were finds at our neighborhood Targhhayyy!

5. Thou shalt whip up a refreshing summer martini at a moments notice like the domestic goddess that you are

Choose a/or more summer cocktail and buy all the accouterments to make it perfect and memorable. Make your house your and your friend's favorite place to hang out this summer. I picked some refreshing options from Bevmo recently and went the extra mile by pickeing up the dressing sugar, its yummy and a maker of good times and great conversation. Finally have plenty of fun glasses to share!

Hopefuly some of these tips inspired you to spruce up your already fabulous digs. I would love to hear how you decorated your house for summer in the comments.


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