Friday, January 11, 2013

When Faux is good

While "faux" and “faking it” may be good or not so gooddepending on the situation, here’s an example of a situation when it’s totallysafe – meet my Faux Leather Shorts or as I lovingly call them - fleather! This photois from a month back so let me put it out there that bare legs are like squarepegs and out of question given the 40’s weather in San Francisco right now, soadd opaque tights as you see fit. I am also rocking all grey and black with apunch of yellow one of my standard go to color combos and carrying my Chanelbag which you may have seen sporadically through this blog. The shorts are fromUrban Outfitters, pumps are Kate Spade , Blazer is J.Crew (2seasons back) and the T-shirt is Zara, not seen here it has fleather sleevestoo.  And there, I have used up my dailylimit to use this word so I will zip now.
What your take on “Faux” or to make the conversation lesscontroversial “Faux Leather” – Loving it or Loathing it? Do dish my lovelies…

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