Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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I am currently obsessing more than usual with Instagram, for me it has become a source of discovering new blogs, cool new websites for unique jewelry and riff-raff (which is also a great online shop by the way) and getting inspired of course. why should you care you ask? Well here's what I offer - besides the ubiquitous #wiwt and #ootd shots if cats, far away travels, and finding cats in faraway travels interest you then run not walk and follow me on Instagram @devyanigupta 

Documenting work outfits and a healthy obsession with cap-toe shoes on the go 
SF is the perfect place to take walks for someone who love color, the Haight Ashbury district is specially beautiful if you're looking to treat them sore eyes
                         Wide eyed and fluffed to perfection, this is the "can I jump up on the bed?" look
Sometimes I feel I choose vacation spots based on their cat population, for the fellow cat groupies old San Juan Puerto Rico is a cat lovers paradise

MJ is having a pensive moment in Old San Juan PR
If being downright adorable wasn't enough, San Juan cats love to have an upper hand in the view department too - chilling on the roofs of cars
                               Meeting lovely and very inspiring bloggers at a Poshmark event in SF
Shoes in rotation last week - I just can't buy enough basic black and beige shoes, I have to have colors from every spectrum of the rainbow
A warm sunny weekend in Dolores Park SF, this lemonade was handmade and delivered on our picnic blankets by two very Cali entrepreneurs, I could get used to this

I look forward to seeing your Instagrams now, find me @devyanigupta and drop me a line so I can find you too, Can't wait!

Love - Devyani

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  1. How much did you end up paying for the kawaii lemonade?