Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Favorite colors for Summer - Mint and Melon

Outfit Details: Tribal print blazer GAP, Nautical Striped Tee J.Crew, Ombre Mint Shorts Marshalls, Mint Hobo Marshalls, Mirrored Metallic Pumps J.Crew , Mirrored Sunnies Ray Ban, Necklace Jeweliq

Good Morning my lovelies!

I am completely loving mixing the bright tones of Mint and Melon right now. They both compliment each other so beautifully and scream loud and clear that you are embracing summer in all its colorful glory. Another trend I am loving as evident in this post is everything mirrored, I have contemplated  almost 8 months since I first spotted these orange metallic sunnies on a weekend trip to Monterrey whether I take the plunge and I got them at a sweet sample sale on recently, so good things did come to those who waited and so glad I got them as we have been inseparable since. I strongly believe sunglasses were not meant to be a banal accessory and that they are meant to make a statement or be a weapon of stealth mode style, what do you think?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Devyani, The Delightful Damsel!
    You look lovely and Gorgeous!
    Your Aura is radiating very romantic vibrations and
    all of this is making us feel very nice. Bless You!
    Mom is very proud of you and Manish.