Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Styling a Cargo Vest

Outfit Details: Dress Madewell, Vest Zara, Belt J.Crew, Bag SODA by Sai Sangeet Paliwal, Watch Michael Kors, Sunglasses PRADA Baroque, Sandal thongs Street market in Bangalore

These pictures were taken by my dear friend Sangeet on a nostalgic trip back home to my Alma Mater in Bangalore. The house behind me is almost 100 years old and had such a nostalgic feel to it of times gone by, we could resist but shoot here much to the amusement of passers by - One of the famous #bloggerproblems get used to passer by folks staring and sometimes clapping and whistling and pose away...

Shoot Location: by lanes of Commercial Street - Bangalore, India
Pictures taken by my very talented friend Sai Sangeet Paliwal to be featured on the blog soon 

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  1. What a lovely time I had with you!!! You looked stunning as usual! :) Miss you!