Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ombré Cat eye makeup tutorial

Hello gorgeous friends!

Saturday night is round the corner and I have a fun eye makeup look to try for you all.
So without further ado grab some household sticky tape, 2 tones of eyeshadow, a brow bone highlighter eyeshadow, kohl to line the inner rim, mascara and an eyebrow grooming product.
Step1: cut two inch and a half long tapes, and create the cat eye shape by crossing them and sticking in a V shape at the corner of the eye
Step2: fill the darker shade at the corner of the V and lightly pat the brush as you reach the centre of the eyeball to create a gradient effect
Step3: now take a fluffy brush and pat the lighter shade on the other half of the lid and and on the outer rim of the eye
Step4: wipe all of any excess shadow spill around the eye and gently peel of the tape
Step5:highlight the brow bone and brush some shimmery shadow close to the tear duct, line the inner rim with kohl, brush on some mascara and eyebrow pencil and voila!

P.S. I did this project totally on my iPhone using the app Picstitch to put the collage together.

Also I will announce the winner of the Trina Turk Giveaway this Sunday so get your entries in by Sunday noon PT the 26th of August.

Thanks for reading and have a fun weekend ahead!


  1. Ooh great idea! I'm just scared the tape will pull off most of my eyebrows! :)

    xo, jill from

  2. Jill - I stick the tape on my forearm and pull it off a few times before I put it near my eye. It removes most of the 'stickiness power' from the tape.