Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Getaway Instagram Diary and Giveaway Winner

Happy Monday gorgeous readers! Hope you had a great weekend, I am trying to soak up as much summer as possible while I still can and below are some of my Instagram musings from this past weekend in South Lake Tahoe. I was having a blast Instagraming on my drive back to the city by the bay. Check out my other Instagram musings by following me, I cant wait to see yours too!

and now drum roll please...

I am also really excited to announce the winner of my Trina Turk Giveaway - the lucky lady is Cynthia Richardson! Congratulations Cynthia and thanks for reading The Colorful Couturier! I have sent you an email to notify you as well so send me your address and the necklace will be on its way to you.

No resort look is complete without orange slices on your drinks and crazy prints on your tunic/cover-up...

and no getaway is complete without a dreamy beach, meet Kings Beach Tahoe CA - you know how you were told you cannot have the cake and eat it too, well at this beach you can. It has all the ingredients for lazy summer afternoons - crashing waves, crystal blue waters, silky golden sand and shiny happy people minus the one thing that burns my eyes and sometimes rubs my skin the wrong way - salty water - Bliss...

Holding on to our hats and the denim on denim look...

My neutral accessories cozying up in the back seat on the way back...

Big bonus of the drive back - sunset silhouette of San Francisco...

and that's a wrap!


  1. Im obsessed with this cute blog of yours! I love your style and i cant wait to read more!!! New follower!

  2. great pictures, just bringing back memories of my holiday a few weeks back in Goa!!

    ure looking great girl in those shorts

  3. Hello -
    I am a brand new follower. I love all of the great colors you wear and showcase on your blog. There is not much better than a beachy vacation (with a vibrant tunic cover-up, of course!).