Friday, October 5, 2012

Easing into Fall

Outfit Details: Scarf DVF here, Blouse Zara, Jeggings Gap here, Shoes Coach Legacy Collection find them here along with other delish options, Bag Vintage Coach seriously this one is from 1965! find the same style back in the Coach Legacy collection here

Fall comforts... what are some of yours?, how about you close your eyes, put your head back on the chair just far enough to not tip over and dream dream dream...

Mine are soft billowy chunky bright scarfs wrapped around your neck loosely, rich timeless Cognac boots, silky blouses, a hot cup of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Coffee or my personal guilty pleasure - the Salted Caramel Latte, walks on the sidewalks carpeted with rust and ochre leaves and the feverish anticipation for the Holiday season where radio songs gradually change to red nose and chestnut roasting themes, and offices usually humming on full steam steadily get less productive each day leading up to the grand loss of productivity that peaks around the food coma of thanksgiving dinners.... you get the picture...

Are you feeling like fall already...thank god its Friday right? here's to the most decadent season of them all!

I am so glad to be back after leaving this site unattended for a whole month, work has been crazy and I have so much more to share...

Check back for more updates soon, thanks for reading.



  1. I love how the bright polka dot scarf matches with the animal print shirt!

  2. You're an amazing writer Devyani! Beautiful piece.

  3. Very pretty!! I love this look! Fall is definitely my favorite season :)

    xo Megan,

  4. Wonderful. I love animal shades. You are looking so pretty. I like all of the accessories including hand bag , shoes and the beautiful scarf. Ladies denim shirt is also very fashionable.